Road to Road Safety

Road to Road Safety

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Controlling traffic on Indian roads is a very tedious task. Driving a vehicle on road is not at all safe in our country. Insensible and rash driving, impoverished roads, disobeying traffic rules, lack of awareness and road safety education are some of the various reasons which is promoting road crashes and rise in fatalities. In India alone 5 lac people get injured and 1.4 lac people die every year in road accidents. This affects almost 20 lac people in all. These accidents cause a loss of INR 4800 crores per year to the nation.

Road and Traffic education has become the need of the hour. It is necessary to teach fundamentals of Road Safety and Traffic Education to every individual to remain safe on the deadly roads. Like we prepare our children for extracurricular activities such as music, games at an early age similarly we must inculcate Road Safety Education right from their childhood.

This book will prove beneficial for a varied range of road users. Apart from Traffic Rules this book covers important topics such as Effect of Accident, First Aid, Speeding, Stopping and Good Driving Habits.


Good Driver

A good driver has many things in his makeup. Such experience and skill comes with time only. But other qualities must be part of him from the start. These qualities are what are generally known as a driver’s attitude.

Attitude plays an important role in safe driving, every driver must make a real effort to develop these qualities and this effort must start from the very beginning of his first driving lesson. Driving is combination of three things: See, Think and Act.


A driver must have a proper concern for his own safety and his passengers too. He must also think about safety of every road user including pedestrians. It is possible only when you concentrate on every change happening on the road. One should plan activities in such a way that it does not create danger or any kind of difficulty for others.


With responsibility driving requires extreme concentration regarding road traffic. A momentary mistake could lead to dangerous situation. If the driver is experiencing fatigue, disease, depression or thinking about something then he cannot react immediately. In such situations driving is not recommended. If someone drives in such situation then he requires more concentration on driving. Keeping adequate concentration you can anticipate mistakes done by other drivers on the road. This can help in minimizing accidents that may happen in future.


The driver should be capable of anticipating the position and possible changes of the traffic running on the road. The standard time is 1.6 second for anticipation.


Do not get impatient or lose your temper when other drivers do something wrong or in a traffic jam. If you do so, you are well on the way to having an accident. Never drive in a spirit of competition. Do not let your annoyance, even if justifiable; overcome your good sense and judgment. Present an example of your good human being to the society.


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