Essentials of Road Safety

Essentials of Road Safety

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It is very unfortunate to know that despite the rising road accident fatalities in India, no concrete education and awareness policies for road safety have been framed. Our entire focus of education system has been laid on science & technology, health and information technology. According to a survey over 70% of the trauma cases brought to the hospitals are consequences of road accidents. At one side we are striving to enhance our paramedical facilities but on the other end we are least bothered to control the causes of these mishaps.

Taking a step forward MUSKAAN has come up with the initiative by imparting Road Safety as an additional subject in selected schools. We firmly believe that education is the best medium of training if imparted at right age. If we assume that our children will self inculcate the apt driving behavior after moving onto the roads then it would be our biggest mistake. We believe that this book will help children to nurture and understand the concept of Road Safety along with added to-do activities.


Causes of Road Accidents

Road accidents are defined as an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; casualty.

Most of the accidents are not only because of lack of education, but are also caused due to carelessness, high speed, rash driving and unstable mindset & over confidence. There are various reasons of road accidents that are need to be understand in detailed manner. Human error & environmental factors plays a vital role in before & after the accident. The percentage of driver's mistake in developing nations is 64% to 95%. As per the study conducted by Times of India, the major reason of accidents is Individual's mistake.

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