Barista Bollywood

Barista Bollywood

Barista Bollywood – Fiction With A Social Cause

While writing this piece of fiction, the author had never thought of relating it to social welfare. Since the author having a strong dedication towards road safety and allied issues, he decided to reflect his insight with his fiction. The idea flashed into his head and he turned it into a reality without wasting any more time. Now this book, Barista Bollywood, has add-on social cause i.e. Road Safety. Whenever a reader buys a copy of the book, online or from store, a sum of INR 5.00 would get contributed for this noble virtue. The total amount accumulated from this account will be spent on Road Safety Campaign. However, the story or theme of the fiction is not related to Road Safety, as the title itself reveals that somehow it is related to the Indian Film Industry.

Barista Bollywood is the world’s first book and fiction having attached social cause – Road Safety. To know more about Barista Bollywood, click on the following tabs:

Endorsement by Actor Narendra Gupta

Barista Bollywood is the debut contemporary fiction by Ashwini Bagga published by Himanshu Publications, New Delhi. It is story of three young aspirants who struggle to get a breakthrough in Bollywood. The fiction has been endorsed by the renowned TV Actor Narendra Gupta.

"An Intriguing Tale With An Unpredictable End"

- Narendra Gupta, Actor (Dr. Salunkhe, C.I.D. fame)

You contribute Rs. 5/- for the social cause (Road Safety) when you buy this book.

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Akash Malhotra leaves his family, love and his city for chasing his childhood dream. The undulating sojourn leads him to the position of Operations Manager in La Grandeur Coffee Lounge. But, that wasn’t his cup of coffee.

Shamit Kulkarni, the innate from Kolkata, loses his parental house in lieu of getting his desired position in Bollywood. Unfortunately, he ends up becoming a sheer victim of the merciless industry.

Anisha Kapoor, an upcoming model & actress from Jaipur. In pursuit of getting a breakthrough in the cine-world, she meets the most influential personality of Bollywood but an unforeseen incident shatters her career and her dreams.

Destiny has its own game to play. The fortune ties Akash, Shamit and Anisha together into a close knot during a dinner party of an International Film Festival to fulfill a noble virtue.

Their life revolves around the man who draws them like a marionette. They stand up together against the reprobate walking hands in hands on the path of truth to achieve their common goal of life.

An entwined tale of startling events comprises love, hate, friendship, betrayal and vengeance with an exemplary and unexpected closing.

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