The Hole to Freedom

The Hole to Freedom

The armed forces arrested the sergeant and presented him to the commandant. The sergeant was badly injured and was bleeding from several parts of the body. The commandant ordered for his first aid so he could force him to reveal their military secrets. He wanted to keep him alive. Then he ordered his men to throw him in the cell.

The cell was partially dark and he could barely see anything clear. There was a tiny hole in one of the walls of the cell, small enough to prick the tip of his little finger. He remained in the solitary cell for the next two days. The third day commandant visited the cell and forced him to reveal his military secrets but he didn’t utter a word. The commanded ordered his troops to excruciate him next day to dig out the secrets. They left him alone and locked the cell.

The sergeant wailed and turned silent after few minutes but continued sobbing. He crouched on the ground rested his head on hands folded over his knees. Someone called him up by his name; he looked up and flabbergasted to see someone standing in front of him with cell still locked. It was God!

“I am here my child; tell me what you want.” God Said.

“I don’t want to reveal our secret. They would kill thousands of innocent people of my country and if I won’t tell them they will beat me to death. Please help me God.”

“Alright my child, but I have come to you to seek your help. Would you help me?” The sergeant stood freeze with his mouth wide open.

“I would save your people but there are millions other creatures needed to be saved. For them I need your help.” God said.

“I will, but save my people. I promise I will help.”

“Bless you my child. Now just lie down and go to sleep and believe me nothing will happen to your people.” God blessed the sergeant and he fell asleep immediately. God gestured his finger to the tiny hole in the wall as if he called someone from there and God disappeared.

Next morning the troops stunned when they saw the sergeant lying on the floor. A million red ants were creeping over his skeleton. The hole set the sergeant free.

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